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Clever Little Kids was founded by Katherine Anderson in 2012, initially specializing in providing tutoring services exclusively for children with additional needs. Operating as a mobile service, it offered families the convenience and advantages of a top-notch tutoring program in the comfort of their own homes. Presently, Clever Little Kids is located in Bardon, Brisbane, and offers classes aimed at enhancing school readiness for children aged three and above.


Katherine is a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in both mainstream and special education schools. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary), a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology. With 20 years of experience, Katherine has been actively involved in the Early Childhood Development Program within Queensland state schools. She is dedicated to ensuring children are well-prepared for their transition to school and creates a nurturing and enjoyable learning environment for them. Additionally, Katherine is a proud mother of three children attending primary school and has two adorable black dogs.

What we do

Kindergarten Classes

Clever Little Kids offers kindergarten classes that focus on preparing children for formal schooling. Our classes are specifically designed to build confidence and develop the necessary skills for a smooth transition to school. These classes are ideal for children who will be starting school the following year and are perfect for those who thrive on challenges. As more parents are choosing to delay their child’s entry to school, our kindergarten classes provide a stimulating environment for children in their second year of kindergarten.

Pre Kindy Classes

We also provide weekly pre-kindergarten classes for children aged 3 and above. Our aim is to create happy and confident children who have a love for learning. Our classes offer a wide range of fun, educational, and engaging experiences. Through enjoyable group activities, we gently introduce functional academics to the children. These classes are particularly beneficial for children who may feel overwhelmed in larger class settings, as they allow for increased confidence in a smaller group.

Art Workshops

Let’s unleash creativity! Our art workshops provide a platform for your little ones to express themselves through various art forms. Each week, the activities will vary, including painting, drawing, sculpting, and messy play. These workshops are perfect for children who have a passion for art. They are also great for kids who attend child-directed daycare programs and may need some extra encouragement to engage in fine motor and tabletop learning experiences. Many parents have noticed that after attending our workshops, their child’s interest in drawing, painting, and creating has expanded.

Bardon Learning Centre

Clever Little Kids is run from a purpose build learning centre at Katherine’s home. The space is warm and inviting and the children feel comfortable right from the first lesson. There is a coffee shop at the end of the street and a park and creek directly opposite.

Clever Little Kids runs weekly classes to ensure your child has the best start to their education.


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