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Clever Little Kids acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Early Years Education. Different families have different preferences when it comes to their child’s education. Some choose to send their child to a daycare centre, while others opt for a community-based kindergarten program. There are also families who prefer to keep their children at home until they start school, and some even choose to homeschool indefinitely. Clever Little Kids values and respects all of these options and strives to meet the unique needs of each child.

Throughout our time at Clever Little Kids, I have noticed that parents bring their children to me for a variety of legitimate reasons. These include, but are not limited to:

– Children who need additional stimulation or a more structured environment in addition to their existing kindergarten program. Some kindy programs are solely centred around free play and children are not obligated to participate in table top or group activities if they prefer not to. While some parents appreciate this approach, others may feel their child is not flourishing in such an environment.

– Children who have not yet started kindergarten and require an engaging introduction to a classroom setting.
– Families who feel that their child is not ready for prep and need support in specific areas such as fine motor skills, confidence in groups, social skills, turn-taking, and following teacher directions.
– Families who are unsure whether their child should delay entry to school.
– Families who are dissatisfied with their current educational setting and feel that it is not adequately preparing their child for Prep.
– Families who were unable to secure a place at their local community kindergarten.
– Families who homeschool.
– Children who are medically compromised and need to minimise their exposure to illness.
– Children who are gifted and/or very bright and require additional challenges.
– Children with special needs such as ASD.
– Children who receive speech therapy or occupational therapy and need extra practice to implement their goals.
– Children with separation anxiety who need a gentle start.
– Children who struggle with sharing, taking turns, and playing nicely with others.
– Children who enjoy being social and making new friends while learning.

Katherine acknowledges and values all of these reasons, and she ensures that her program is adaptable to cater for the needs of her students.

The children will engage in a variety of enjoyable activities aimed at enhancing their confidence in various skills they will utilise in Prep. Our comprehensive program is designed to foster active and inquisitive learners. We prepare the children for success by nurturing their passion for learning. Our focus areas include:

  • Following the group plan
  • Developing fine motor skills such as scissor grip, pencil grip, pasting, drawing, threading, art, and colouring
  • Cultivating pre-reading skills (please note that our program does not specifically teach reading)
  • Introducing simple mathematical language and number skills
  • Enhancing early literacy skills
  • Promoting social communication
  • Encouraging games that emphasize following rules, having fun, and exhibiting good sportsmanship
  • Teaching the importance of taking turns
  • Practicing writing their name

For families who are considering deferring their child’s start of school, we will provide feedback in Term 4 regarding your child’s school readiness. This will enable parents to make an informed decision about the appropriate time for their child to begin school.

Numbers are topped at 6 children in our Kindergarten and Pre Kindergarten classes.

Our Art Workshops are usually around 10 per class.

Yes, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to commit to something new without first experiencing it firsthand. That’s why we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to try out one of our classes for free. We believe in the power of our program and want to give you a taste of the benefits it can bring to your child. We want you to feel at ease and excited about your journey with us, and our free trial class is just the beginning of what we have to offer. So why wait? Take the leap and discover today how Clever Little Kids can support you child!

If you have paid for the term and your child is unwell for the session, a make up class is offered on a different day of the week. Make up lessons do not follow through to the next term.

There is a convenient carpark directly opposite the learning centre.

Parents usually stay with their child on the first lesson until the child is comfortable. After that, parents often take the opportunity to have a break at the coffee shop at the end of our street, catch up on some work or do some exercise in the park! There is also a playground opposite for younger siblings.

Yes. Clever Little Kids welcomes all children. Please contact me to discuss the needs of your child and we will work together to accommodate them in our program. We offer one on one sessions if this is better suited to your child and their needs.

Social media isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’m all about sharing the awesome things my students do with you. Instead of posting online, I’d rather invite you for a free trial so we can personally connect and get to know each other. As a passionate teacher, I absolutely adore working with children (not computers!). Contact Katherine today for a face to face meet and greet during your free trial lesson!

Clever Little Kids runs weekly classes to ensure your child has the best start to their education.


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